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so i'm lauren, california-native (but living in md fun fun), 15. i go to wj. (sophomore) if you want to know my tumblr and/or other sites, lemme know. i'm more interested in waiting for the next issue of nat geo to arrive than talk or text. i'm pretty introverted when it comes to hanging out with friends but i absolutely adore speaking to anyone and everyone, so feel free to drop by and say hello! (i'm quite contradictory) my favorite part about my body is my shoulders, i hope this shows you how much of a freak i am. i have no idea what i want to do with my future, it changes depending on my current state of mind. people are great things to surround yourself with. that, and dogs. (im not a cat person.) all i really do is read books, write, and listen to music (a lot of alternative, especially rhcp). my musical preferences (and works?) say more about me than i will ever be able to write down here. according to the meyers-briggs test, the label i've been slapped with is the good ol' INTP. that's introvert, intuitive, thinking, and percieving. of course i'm not going to stick all of my thoughts in this little box. that's no way to meet me. (im actually not as depressing as what youre reading in this tiny box. i make myself laugh, and very rarely others too.) i really love people, so feel free to say hello. maybe i'll be a social worker in my future. stick with me and we'll see. if you ever need help, i'm always here. i'm up all night and all day, and if you can't find me here, i'm... well, i'm somewhere out there.
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