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My name is Alex. i love making profiless just im me for all of my edits i play basketball finish it laterr.. x3

Quotes by gorgeousxalex3

Sports is something you must commit to.

&ndifnotthen...... your a quitter !!! and quitters never win.
How about on Halloween we dress up as deers;

&nd go to the highway. [:

[[ edits are Cute ]] im me for themm
with s i x millin people in this world - - - >

i will still be happy with only || you ||
The reason i go to school...

is to be with youu.
Google said you could find anything on there..

but they didnt have any results for true love.

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Band-aids can cover up the boo-boo ..

but they cant cover up the pain inside.</3

[[ amazing edits <3 haha ]]
Dear Santa,
I don't think you can fit h i m in your bag.

[[ cute edits !!!! x3 ]]
It's the greatest time of year,
and its here so help me celebrate it,
with everybody here, friends so dear,
just let me simply state it,

[[[ the edits are amazing ]]]