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Quotes by gottahavelove88

Writing a quote about someone you hate and ending up hating the computer instead....

only me?

My Cousin's Famous Words:

If you want to
see me cry buckets
host a funeral for my grandfather or make me watch Forrest Gump :)

I love you Amy <3


I really hate it when.....

Me: (just about to go to school) Bye Mum.....

Mum: Wait!

Me: What?

Mum: You've got a hair out of place!

Me: -__________- Mum, that's not funny.....

Lara helped :)

Fave if you relate :)

I really hate it when.....

Me at school: My friends are the best, they always stick by me <3

Me at home: If my friends had to live with me for a week, they would be plotting to kill me!

But I've gotta love my family anyway <3

Fave if you relate :)

Beautiful but insecure

Confident but stupid

Smart but impopular

Popular but too rough

Gentle but ugly
No one is perfect

i miss those days when i was so sweet and innocent that i would go to put my rubbish in the bin and drop my lunchbox in instead :)

Awkward Moment #01

Me: (sent over email) Hey Dad <3

Dad: What's this (<3)?

Me: It a love heart Dad......

Dad: Right, I thought it was a fart.

Me: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!

there will never be a tomorrow
because when you awaken every morning 
you think: i'm not getting up today
and you realise tomorrow didn't come
so live your life to the full
live like there is no tomorrow

Awkward Situation #02

Crush: Hey, are you that girl who your friend always talks about? Apparentley you like me...

Me: (blushing furiously and reeeeeaaaaally hating my friend) Mabye :)

Crush: *turning away* Oh.


Crush: She said you were pretty!

Me: *mortified*


Awkward Moment #02

MostAnnoyingLittleBrotherInTheWorld: *reeeeeeaally irritating noises*


MostAnnoyingLittleBrotherInTheWorld: NO

Me: *throws a ball at his head*

Ball: *WHACK!*


Me: Sorry...(it hit Mum)