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Quotes by gowildfroggie

Your love surrounds me...
although you don't know
I wish I could be with you...
but I have gotten so low...
I have hurten you 2 many times
and I have spread so many lies
But I want you to know that I really do care..
and that I will Alwayz..Alwayz be there
Deep down inside I just can't admit it
I have already started to give up and quit.
You mean more to me than anything...
More then even life could bring
But I can't tell you that I love you..
Even though it is true..
Why cant we just get along?
And why did it take so long
4 me to figure out
That u were such a jerk??
That is ur worst quirk
What is the matter with me???
What is the matter with you??
Why can't we just stay together??
I am afraid to speak the truth,
But truely I know better

Its cuz u like her and she likes you but why does it have to be this way?
I think you and I are better off.
But you don't
and you won't
and you never ever will.
I sware boy, you're like my most addictive pill.
I was so stupid to think that you were 4 me,
cuz ever since ur true side has shown,
I saw that you were a JERK...and a jerk you'll ALWAYZ be.
How can people like a Jerk....How Could I like you?
Why did I ever meet you????
Cuz ever since my mind has been set on you...and just you...
That one day that you asked me out...was the BEST day of my life
The one day that you broke up with me, was the WORST day EVER
But I am such an idiot cuz I still will love YOU FOREVER

***I Made It UP***
When i told u i hated u it was cuz i really hated her 4 having u. and the sad thing is, she didn’t even like u but u wer crazy in love with her
I loved u more than anything and u didn’t even care.
Now my heart is empty and bare.
Ur just a memory now, slowly fading away,
Cuz I’m pickin’ up and movin’ on and I ain’t lookin back.
Life’s 2 short 2 cry over boyz that don’t even care.
It’s funner to think of u fade away
cuz I don’t need u anyway.
I don’t cry ever, but when I lost u, I could of drown in my tears.