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Location: I live in Narnia on 42 Wallaby way in District 12, Platform 9 and 3/4. I vacation in Wonderland, study at Hogwarts, and train at Camp Half Blood for the 76th Hunger Games.
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I won't give up on us. 
My name's Grace.  In case you were too lazy to read this already, I live in Narnia on 42 Wallaby Way in District 12, Platform 9 and 3/4. I vacation in Wonderland, study at Hogwarts, and train at Camp Half Blood for the 76th Hunger Games. Lol jk, I wish. ,I live in the middle of no where in Massachusetts. I'm 15 and I'm a Freshman.I blow out my candles on December 15,any twins?

[+]One Direction, Liam Payne, Justin Bieber, Emblem 3, The Hunger Games, rollercoasters, Niall Horan, Pretty Little Liars, friends, Harry Styles, family, him<3, sour patch kids, witty, chocolate, summer, Louis Tomlinson, pictures, memories, food, shopping, snowboarding, sweatshirts, sleepovers, moccasins, tie dye, Zayn Malik, the smell after it rains,  reading, going to the beach, having long hair, nail art, drawing, Instagram, rainy days,  cold showers, The Internet.

I'm here for you, just drop a comment.and you can talk to me about anything.

I went to a One Direction concert on December 1st 2012 with gianna31. go follow her<3 Also saw Justin Bieber, 6/23/10(: Oh yeah., also follow my other account, TVQuotes. Links are at the bottom(: ~~

My boyfriend's name is Liam, I call him Niall, my friends call him Harry, my family calls him Louis, his friends call him Zayn, and his last name is Bieber.

Quotes by gracegreene

there you go again, there you go again

making me love you.
Is crying in the middle of her room,
wondering why he doesn't like her.
Why isn't she good enough?
But hey, she's not good enough for anyone.
She only blames herself.
She blasts the music into her ears.
Suddenly, all the lyrics were about him.

He's all she wants.
is laying on his bed,
tears threaten to fall from his eyes.
He wonders why she doesn't like him back
But then he remembers.

No one could ever like him.
He would never be good enough.
He cant get his mind off of her.

Music flows into his ears,
but now all the songs were about her.

She's all he wants.

I'm sick of losing sleep,
thinking about you.

They always told me "dreams come true."
They forgot to mention, nightmares are dreams too.


I try not to miss you.
I try to let go.
But in the end,

you're always on my mind.


And she loved a boy very very much.
even more than she could ever love herself.
Can't you see it?
She loves you more than you could ever imagine.
It's in her eyes.
It's in her voice.
It's in her smile.
She's so different when you're around.
She's so much happier.
You're the one for her.
But you don't see it, do you?
I don't think you understand.
It's a first love kinda thing.
No matter how bad he hurts me, I'll never really be over him.
I'll compare him to every guy and no one will be him.
It's hard because I hate him, but I love him at the same time.

It's hard to explain.
Don't walk away... I'm pretty sure


is more than just today.
Everytime she finds the slightest happiness.
She can't help but know deep down.

That it can't last..
So what's the point of finding it in the first place?
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