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I'm fucking done with this stupid ass site.
I liked it at first but its become such a fucking joke.
-Bitches who snag you on every little thing you say when they have no idea what the hell you go through everyday.
-Fake little girls who are like "ohmygad . my daddy baught me lyk thees neuhw ugghs.."
Thanks to the people who stuck by me, my friends.
I might be back but definately not on this account, <3

Quotes by gracieeex0

i'm leaving,
never   to   come   back   again.

(bye witty..)

"Could   you  not  stand   so close?
You're making me claustrophobic."
"What does   claustrophobic mean?"
"It means he's afraid of Santa Claus!"
"No                 it               doesn't!"
"Ho,              ho,             ho!" ___x
"Patrick, stop it! You're scaring him!"

i'm drowning in my tears
will        you         be         my           [ l  i  f  e  g  u  a  r  d  ? ]

will you be there to catch the tears as they fall?
will you promise me to love me through it all?
will you hold  me  close until i cannot  breathe?
will  you be the only one, the one i can belie


i know the truth now,i know who you are,
& i dont love you anymore.
i heard about what he did to her
and how he broke her heart..
i saw her in the hallway
and it really tore me apart.
she used to have such energy
she used to always smile
now she walks in silence,
a frown as long as a mile .
her eyes are red and puffy
and her hair is a mess,
her tears have soaked her shirt
but he couldn't care less.

what happened to our baby?
our baby who was always..her?
this isn't our baby.. not at all.
where's the baby we prefer.
i would give it all to brighten her day
i want to see her laugh.
her laugh that chimed like the sweetest bells
before he tore her heart in half.
for a boy
you  sure  get  PMS  a  lot.
you tell me that you're sorry, didnt think i'd turn around & say that
it's too late to apologize