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It may be stormy out now.. but it never rains forever

We all tend to turn into the things we are pretening to be...

A little bit of an embarrassing vent but no one can love or comfort a daughter like her mother. About 8 years ago my dog, Mandy died. She was more than a pet, she was family. When she died I was heartbroken, but my mom gave me some peace of mind. Because I wasn't there to bury her, my mom buried my favorite stuffed Ty. teddy bear named Valentine with her. The reason Valentine is so special is because my mom gave it to me for Valentine's day years prior. It made me really happy to know that part of me would be with her. But Valentine doesn't have to look after Mandy anymore. I know my mom is taking good care of Mandy. I love you most, mom. 

~ Forever your Valentine, 
It's not the size of the man in the fight, 
it's the size of the fight in the man. 
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He said he wanted to hit me.. then got mad at me when I walked away. 

Someone.. tell me.. how does that work?
The lonliest moment in someones life
is when they are watching their whole
world fall apart, they can't do anything. 

Drinking liquor is just like taking medicine. It tastes disgusting, but it's so worth it.