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Quotes by gravity_enemy

Welcome To Society.

Welcome to society,
We hope you enjoy your stay,
And please feel free to be yourself,
As long as it's in the right way,
Make sure you love your body,
Not too much or we'll tear you down,
We'll bully you for smiling,
And then wonder why you frown,
We'll tell you that you're worthless,
That you shouldn't make a sound,
And then cry with all the others,
As you're buried in the ground,
You can fall in love with anyone,
As long as it's who we choose,
And we'll let you have your opinions,
But please shape them to our views,
Welcome to society,
We promise that we won't deceive,
And one more rule now that you're here,
There's no way you can leave.

I Come Home To An Empty Bed

The door creaks
The window leaks
The sink drips
The broken crib
My broken dreams
My taken genes
My lonely home
No where to go

Another morning waking up
To find you gone
No coffee cup
And every dawn
No laundry to be done
No food to be made
Because you're gone
Our love has fade

The Basics:
Name: Danielle
Age: 17

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Do you like someone?: Yeahh
Does anyone like you?: Yeahh
Hugged anyone in the past week?: Yeahh

Who is your best friend?: Jen, Neo, Gunnerr, Shania, Trey, etc. 
Where did you meet them? School, Friends, Neighbors
Did you lose any friends this year?: Yeah..
Gain any?: Yessir (:
Meet a special friend? Yeah.
Did you hang out with any friends in the past week? Yes.
New Years Eve
Did you do anything at midnight? Yes :) Just .. two, maybe three substances. c:
Who did you spend it with? Jen, Sid, Noah, Gunnerr, Taco, Poni, Dalton, Zach, Kylie.. and i can't remember the rest..
any resolutions? Yeah, smoke less

Valentines Day
Did you have a Valentine? This year or last year?
Did you send out any cards/chocolates/etc?: Idk yet. 
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day?: We'll see ;)


Did you go on vacation?: Yeah.
Did you hang out on the beach with friends?: Yes.(:

How long was your summer break?: Hardly long enough. 
Did you get a tan?: Hardly.
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer?: Nahh.

Did you go trick or treating?: Nopee.
If so, who did you go with?: --
Did you dress up?: I was supposed to be Iggy, but I didn't dress up til the party nd I was a bunny :) lol
Was it fun?: Yass.

Who did you spend it with?: Family
Did Santa come to your house?: Always.
Did you stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve? Yass

Your Birthday
Who did you spend it with?: I dunno. 
What did you do?: Nothing
What did you get?: Nothing

Have You Ever: (Yes or No)
Hugged someone: Yes.
Electricuted yourself: Yes.
Climbed more than 60 feet: Yes.
Made a Youtube video: Yes.
Lied to a loved one: Yes.
Had a pet: Yes.
Ran a marathon: No.
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes.

5 Do’s
1. Do you play any instruments?: I used to play ____ and violin. 
2. Do you play any sports?: Does music count as a sport? i play a lot of music. 
3. Do you believe in 2012? Lol
4. Do you like animals? Yes.
5. Do you honestly like Obama?: I've never met him, but government can't really ever be perfect.. So i think he's doing fine. 

4 If’s
1. If you get $1 Million for breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you? I don't have one, so do I automatically get the $1 mill!?
2. If you were to get $50,000 for killing a rat, would you?: Yes.
3. If you were to choose between your best friend and your brother/sister, who would you choose? Choose between them for what? 
4. If you were to choose between coke/pepsi or sprite/7up, which would you choose? I drink tea.

3 How’s
1. How old do you want to be when you get married?: However old I am when I can afford to pay for my own wedding :p
2. How many siblings do you have?: 2 brothers, and a sister. 
3. How did your last Christmas go? Alright.

2 When’s
1. When is your birthday?: August 25th.
2. When was your last relationship? Not too long ago. 

1 What
1. What would you say if the guy/girl you like right now kissed you? Nothing cause I'd be kissing him back. 

So will you never be my lover or my Valentine
Never be a friend of mine
Never see my better side
Baby you'd be terrified
Of all the secrets you were wishing you won't ever find
'Cause deep inside me
And I don't wanna hide me  

'Cause I know about my love
I'm a shade too pale for beautiful. 
What I've found is that no one means what they say and everyone says what they don't mean. 
                                             It's quite sad, really.

She saw the blood from her head drip onto her hand and began to let out soft cries. She wanted to scream but she knew she must tolerate the pain enough not to scream, otherwise she would risk being struck again. Six year old Noelle had no idea what she did wrong, but she was really sorry. 

She struggled to her feet and crept up the stairs, quietly counting every step as if they were the sheep she counted at night. One step, two, three, four––BANG! She wasn’t quiet enough. “Stop crying, f*cking brat!” Norman walked away. He was the worst. Noelle struggled to stand up again, she fought to swallow her tears. Not just because of the pain, but because Norman knocked the tooth out of her mouth and she couldn’t find it. She really really, really wanted to see the tooth fairy. 

Noelle arrived in her room and reached under her bed for her doctors kit that she got for christmas. A bunch of toy supplies in a paper Costco bag labeled “Dr. Noelle." She opened it briskly and reached for the dentists mirror. As she stared at her tiny reflection she could see the blood run over the bruises on her face, occasionally intertwining with her tears. She lifted up her shirt and counted seven. Seven spots of blue and black torture. 

Mother would call it an accident. I wondered what kind of accident would hurt me with 7 spots. Mother was really good at making up stories.

                                                                                                                   credit ≥≥ high_sierra
There are only two things in the world that you really have to do. You must begin, and you must die. When you are born, you are a small, yet delicate person. When you die, (usually old) you are a large, yet delicate person. Generally you’ll find many similarities from when you are born to when you die. You begin in diapers, and you end in diapers. You’ll end up smelling like poop. You’re not very attractive looking. The list goes on. The difference is, you are born with no knowledge, wisdom or experience, but you do die with knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Such a shame it’s not the other way around.   
Since the invention of nuclear weapons there has been a long period of global peace and stability––but are nuclear weapons global peacemakers or just killing devices? The world’s first nuclear weapon explosion occurred on July 16, 1945. Just three weeks later on August 6, 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. If these weapons were such doves, then why would they be made to kill? These weapons may be peacemakers, but in the wrong way. Nuclear weapons are making peace in the voice of fear, which in hindsight is not really peace at all. Any person who owns a dictionary would be able to read that the definition of ‘peace’ is freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. It is hardly believable that the atomic bomb could be described as quiet and tranquil, or that it could not be described as a disturbance. The atomic bomb is a peacemaker––Oh, the irony.   
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