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 love yahii(;

the names tali. i blow out the candles on december 20. yes, i can vent on here all i want but it wont make anyone reading this care(: just look at my quotes, they speak f o r  m e ♥ i willl talk to anyone on here, so if you have troubles, you can always hit me up.
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If witty shuts down now,
I hope every single boy / girl on here knows that they helped me through a lot, and they are all beautiful.
iloveyou all, from the bottom of my wittian heart.  


I asked one of my best guy

friends what he likes best

about his girlfriend/one of

my bestfriends.

He replied, "Her brain."

love  the  one   you  love   for   who  they  are..  not   if    they   put  out.


is a time for forgiveness
but i cant seem to forgive you.



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Merry Christmas,

happy holidays everyone (:



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RAWR. it means i love you ;)
really? because in jurassic park, it means

My reality:
facebook statuses;

popular girls- 1537257 likes, 652 comments.
mine- 3 likes, 0 comments.
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The best feeling?
moving  --->                    on.

all mine   


No, Witty, I'm not pregnant 
and don't need maternity clothes for low prices.


Being Labeled "Single"
doesn't mean you're                 a l o n e .  

today is my birthday.
and i was still scared shitless when they yelled \'surprise'/
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