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Hello,I am about 5'8'' or 5'9''. I have long brown hair and a tan. But I lay in the tanning bed. I have green eyes and all my friends say I have a great personality. Along with everything else, I am currently 13 and go to LMS. So I hope you enjoy the quotes that are posted and the ones that I will be posting. Thank you for your support! Byebye!*

Quotes by greeneye_brunette_09* ;))
** -Scarlet Tide, Cold Mountain!*. =*) she wiped the running eye liner from her crying eyes he whispered [ i love you ].*
-*.how could all this be,after all the love you said we shared, you turn around and leave.*-
-*.boy you know you were my heart and soul, but i cant be hurt, i gotta let you go.*-
-*.together forever thats what we said, i didnt know life could be so unfair.*-
-*.i hope you never have to come this way again,you used to be my lover and my friend.*-
-*.so please dont take offense when i say what i have to say,if you died i wouldnt cry because you never loved me anyways.*- =*(
- . -
-** =)
* [ beautiful ]*
*.he.will.say.( i . l o v e . y o u ).in.front.of.the.*
*!!.* =)) <33
As I sit where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well.
I see a girl sit on his lap by the big tree,
And he says things he never said to me.
As I ran home to cry on my bed,
Not a word to Mother was said.
Father came home late that night,
And he looked at me from left to right.
He saw me hanging from a rope without a sound,
Then on the bed, on my dress a note was found:
"Dig my grave,dig it deep.
Dig my grave from head to feet.
And on top place a Dove,
And remember this... I Died For Love!"