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Quotes by gretaababess

Reading a book and having to re-read 
the same paragraph over and over again because your thoughts are to distracting.

Making an IPod for kids. But apparently ''Itouch kids'' dint' sit too well.

That depressing moment

when you wake up

during the best part of 

your dream.

Before gtslee
I start imagining things that i would like to happen.

Am I the only one 

   who used to make potions in the bathroom out of shampoo and soaps?

and i will blow up your notifications! 
is what we all want.


Whethaone person
is absent from the class, and it's sooo quiet.
format by gretaababess        

Thaawkward moment when
you accidentally type your password into your user name box.

That  awkwa rd  m omen whe n
santa has the same wrapping paper as your mom.

gorgeous justdropitlikeitshot format.