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Quotes by gummy

we are crooked souls trying to stay up


have you ever thrown
              a fistful of glitter
  . . . ..   in the air?

          par.lez.vous français
      konichiwa ♥ come and move in my way
                      HEY little chica from   G u  a  d  e  o  u  p  e*


that thing you got behind you is  amazing
on the mic is a queen
now listen to me sing,
he wants a number 3 super size onion rings

he came out the house with no ankle bracelet on
but he's got 2 strikes so don't get his order wrong

you know i'm lookin cute
and there's nothing you can say
but if you get with me
we can do it your way
In Memoriam

life is a highway
     i want to ride it
      all  night  long

all mine dont steal credit to me rate or hate kthxx
"im a guy almost 30 and i love this song

good music
is just good music

the kid   is          t a l e n t e d
thats it "