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Quotes by gurlygurl3966

Love will neva end

i loved this kid at my skool
he made me feel like suck a fool
he was funny cute & nice
my friends tried to give me sum advice
they said i should find sum1 new
cause hed never love me like i wanted him 2
he dropped me & my best friend
i wanted to be wit him till the end
he got populer & left the memories behind
I still love him in my heart & mind
Sometimes i think way back on those days
it feels like im in a maze
one day he found out i had loved him
my heart was torn from every limb
a year went by we still not talkn
untill the new girl comes walkin
shes ones of my bffs as u can see
but she went out wit my baby
shes still one of my best friends
and my love for that one boy will neva end

****it did end but i still like the poem