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Quotes by gymnast5987

                              I'm going to find a guy, who loves me for me. Who thinks it's so 
                              cute how my nose get's red when I'm cold.  How I wrinkle my 
                              nose when I read, and when I play the flute.  I'm going to find
                              A guy, who think's it's adorable that you can see my vain's when
                              I'm cold because i'm so white.  Who think's it's adorable that I am
                              so white.  I'll find a guy who love's my frizzy hair.  Who loves how 
                              there's about 5 different colors in my hair [naturally].  Who love's
                              my bright blue eye's more than anything.  Who think's about me as
                              much as I think about him.  I'll find a guy who loves me.                                                                                                       just wait
I want to be like the girls
who do ton's of sports.
who wear only hollistdfsder+&abercrombie.
who get the guys.
who don't get made fun of daily.
who are actually pretty. 
I want to be like the girls
who's mom's let them have facebooks.
who's mom's let them wesar hollister.
who's dad isn't overly protective.

vent vent vent :P  

     [H o n e y H o n e y]

How he kills me...


 Grab your Phone.  got it ?

What kind is your phone?
LG voyager

Who is the first person to come up under the letter M?

Whos the last person you called?

Who was your last missed call from?

Who is the 2nd person to come up under D?
Whos the third person who comes up under J?

How many messages are currently in your inbox?
What do you have as your background?
me and grace x]

Whos the 5th message in your inbox from?

Whos the first person who comes up under B?

How many bars of signal do you currently have there?

Who was your last message from?

Who is the first name in your phone book

Who is the last person in your phonebook?
Name every person you have text messages from in your inbox.
Savana, MJ, Melissa, Emily, Isabella, Kayla, Brady, Ashlyn, Kaleigh.  
Basically the people i text.

Whos the 5th person under A?

Who is the ninth person on your missed call list?

What does the 6th message on your outbox say?
"kelly deffinitly is.."  hehe, i was telling some guy that this one girl's a jerk x]  my name's kelly though... but it's not meee ;]

♥ kelly
I [belive]
that not all guys sit there
and play xbox after a breakup.  

I [belive]
that they, -too-, wish
nothing ever happend.

I [belive]
that they also, sit in there bed's staring at their phone's
thinking of a way to say 'sorry babe, i love you'

I [belive]
they also know
sorry won't cut it.

I [know] 
that they care
about us too.

I [know] 
not all guy's are like the one's people think
about with xbox and no emotions.

I [know]
sometime's it's hard,
not only for us, but them too

I [know]
He's out there somewhere.

I found him.  Now, i just have to wait for him to find me.

vent vent vent :[

 I t/r/u/l/y love you.

Oh,  sorry.  That's right, ----> you love her.

i know, ugly.  just venting... :/

i'm INSECURE.  i'm WEIRD.  i'm part NERD.
i love to laugh. but, i love to cry.  
they're (everyday) thing's.
i love gymnastics and vollyball.
i love books and -band-
i'm [dumb] when it come's to comon sence.
but straight A's when it come's to school.
i love a guy who has a (girlfriend).
i laugh too much.  i scream too much.
i'm always hyper
That's just me.  
love me or hate me, i won't change.

Has anyone noticed the black eyed peas don't know their day's of the week

"monday tuesday wednesday thursday... friday saturday (saturday) sunday"

credit :] not very good
oh well :]:]:]
it's a snake....

eh, got lazy with colors... make it pretty if you want?
 / Don't you see?  You're   -beautiful-.  Inside and outside.  You say your not        l   but i bet, right now, somegirl is wishing she looks 
 \_ _ _ _ _ _ _