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Quotes by h0ld_mehxxtighht

i have the greatest biggest wildest dreams,
and i want them to be fullfilled. i want to
be that gorgeous girl that makes heads turn.
i want to do it.
because if i could take it back i would.
but that's what we consider a regret.
do you know how hard it is to go through
every day and miss you? i know you do because
i know you miss me as much as i miss you.
i want to call you. i want to text you. i want
to kiss you.i want to hold you. i want you.
i think that we learn a little bit from each
and every person that we see and meet. we learned
how to do something from someone and some where
along the way we have copied someone. we take
peoples traditions and turn them into our own.
should i smile because i know it'll
never end? but cry because it just did.
the greatest feeling is knowing that you are so happy, and no matter how bad you wanna cry, he's always there to back you up saying baby you can fall i have arms to catch you you know.<3
i am honostly scared for you to call me at night, because i'm so scared that you'll be mad at me. can't you see that this is no drama, this is not me being a needy person. this is me throwing myself out there flying head first into a big black hole that i thought i got out of a very long time ago. please do not think that this is stupid and unneccessary and hear me out. i love you, i love you baby more than anything else in this world, and i dont want to loose you, i want to spend the rest of my life in those same arms that once held me through an entire night underneath the stars. and dont even get me started on those kisses. what i am saying dear is that i love you. and i needed a way to get out this capsul of emotions. so here it is. that was it. your the biggest part of my life, without you it's empty and hallow.
we were and always will be the class of o7.
nothing will change that. we might be small,
but we're strong. we'll go far in life. some
of us without eachother but for the most part
with amazing memories that will make us travel
far in life. amazing stories to keep any one
awake for hours. i still can feel myself walking
across that stage and just thinking this is it
the second i grab this paper, is the end. and you
know what? i'm ready. take me world i'm ready to
spit fire back at you. i'm ready to take on challenges and be apart of something bigger than
i. i'm ready world. here i am. take me for the
person you'll make me.
dear ______,
we've been together for a year now.
and let me just say it has been the
best damn year of my life. don't break
this smile baby. please don't.
no one would understand us. we're
two crazy kids who have been in love
for years. were as real as cory and
topanga. we're as vibrant as the sun
and we're more in love than you think.
we're smart about our relationship,
and i just want you to know, that i will
never be one hundred percent ready to take
a break, but i'll just want you to smile baby.