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    me: sometimes i talk to myself
    me: omg same
seeing someone you love with someone else must be hard. 

home is where the

wifi is.
my mom: do you want some green pepper from the garden?
me: we don't have a garden.. we have 2 potted walmart plants...
my mom: do you want some green pepper from the garden? me: we don't have a garden.. we have 2 potted walmart plants...
Everytime, I talk to you,

it's like the first time. 
Worth Reading. :) 

Nothing seemed to be going right. My parents were constantly fighting. My grades were dropping. Only two years left at this high school. It was a bad day at school and everyone was calling me names, pushing and shoving me around for no reason. I ran to the back hallway after 3rd hour. I burst in tears. Mascara was dying my whole face black. He saw me. The boy I’ve had a crush on since the 7th grade. The first time I saw him in English class; he sat next to me. We’ve called each other best friends ever since that day. In fact, I think that was the day I fell for him too.  It is feels like a fairytale whenever I’m with him. He swept me off my feet and cradled me in his arms.  He said “Everything is going to be okay. Trust me. Let’s go.” He ran, me still in his arms, out the back door to where his car was parked. He opened the passenger door with his open hand and released me. Inside, were three things : a box of sour patch kids -my favorite candy- , a bouquet of flowers, and  a box.  He said “Buckle up.” I did. I didn’t touch the items, assuming he had a plan. We talked and laughed for what seemed like hours and we drove past the city, probably into another state. I didn’t care where we were going, I just knew that know I would be happy. Finally. He stopped the car at a path blossoming with flowers. He got out and took the box with him. I got out of the car as well. He put his hands over my eyes. He whispered something in my ear that I couldn’t understand. I giggled anyway. I kept my eyes closed as he kneeled down on the ground after he released his warm hands from my eyelids. “Open,” he said. I did. I was shocked. Inside that little gray box was a ring. A gorgeous ring. “You know that money from my job at the café that I never told what I spent all of it on? The girl I always tell you about?  Why we hang out til midnight and then I go home and study for hours instead of doing my homework with you? Why I dress nice every day and do my hair nice as well? I do it for you. My bestfriend. My love. My life. My everything. You. I know we’re young, and I was going to wait, but now just seems like the perfect time. Will you marry me?”
“ Yes,” I said with a smile knowing that my life was finally going right for once. So what if we’re young? I love him and he loves me. One day we’ll have beautiful children and grow old together. I know it .  Who am I kidding? Today, at school I dropped my pencil, and smiled and asked my crush to pick it up and he said “Get it yourself, lazy. Back off.” Then his girlfriend gave me a dirty look from across the room. I bent over to grab my pencil and he shoved me at the ground and everyone laughed and started cheering him on. Well, now I’ve officially decided that tomorrow I am going to adopt a litter of kittens and forgot about guys and just keep writing stupid things like this on my Microsoft Word.  

if someone calls you the wrong name , you don't start thinking that your name is Jane or Abbie or whatever they called you, you know they're wrong, you know your name. Why is it that when someone calls you ugly, fat, worthless, or some other 'wrong name' you don't know in your heart that they're wrong? You need to believe and know that you're perfect like you know your name . ♥