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 I love you<3
You're beautiful no matter what anyone says(: Everyone should be themselves and not worry about what anyone says to you. Everyone's perfect in their own way. No one should judge anyone the first time based on their looks. You should get to know them first. So for all of your wittians going through something tough, don't worry what anyone says. I'm here for you<3 
I have a habit of saying "like" in every sentence.
I hate:        
-people who are conceited
- people who are constantly trying to get attention

My name is Lauren!(: I love my friends and family. Music is my life! It expresses my feelings and makes me smile when I&#39;m feeling alone(: I LOVE to laugh. It makes me feel proud and happy! When I smile I feel like nothing is stopping me from doing what I want and it&#39;s one of the best feelings in the world(: &nbsp;I am in love with my phone. I am always texting 24/7! Summer is my favorite part of the year and I love to swim and go to the beach! Also, I love all of you wittians&lt;3 If you need someone to talk to I will be right here(:
music is my lifeeee, like i said haha. I'm always listening to it!(: