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�Haii!� I'm a teen full of randomness. Sometimes I think too much and wonder if I will exploded.... If you follow me, I'll follow back :) Life goes on | Let it go if you can't change it | I love reading quotes and writing. I work towards my goal by doing minor things. My nights usually consists food, music, books, and my computer. Now that's all I'm gonna put so people don't stalk me..!

Quotes by hahainsanelyweird

Life is like a book of three pages. 
First page is birth,
Second page is empty,
Third page is death. 
It depends on how you want to fill the empty page.
Behind every girl, there's a guy that treated her wrong and made her strong
"You know that girl
that always forgave you?
that always loved you?
that always took you back?
pretty soon, she'll give up
and find someone better." -Armygirlfriendxoxo

Well I gave up and I still haven't found anyone that connects to me like he did. But he seems like he's got a crush on his mind.,
Omg. so today my ex best friend (now my friend) she told me that she's like my ex for a while. She liked him while me and him were dating too. I am sure that I'm over him, but this just bothers me so much. I mean, I won't really interfear with them if they ever date; I want him to move on and be happy. I'd do anything for him to be happy, even if doing that breaks me into a million pieces. It's not like he gives a sh*t about how I feel..
If music was my life, then you'd be my lyrics <3
Fall for a flirt, and all you’ll do is get hurt.
I'd rather look back at my life and say, "I can't believe I did that!" instead of saying, "I wish I did that.."