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 Im haleigh(: im fourteen and im looking for my frog<3 its taken a while but ill feel the magic soon! Cause if you cant handle me at my worst, you sure as hell cant handle me at my best<3

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Dont let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game...<3
Hunter Hayes basically gave me a heart attack while singing Wanted at the CMA's tonight<3 Like omfg. Just kill me.
I love being the first<3
     Im his first girlfriend,
          Im his first kiss,
               Im his first date,
                    Im his first love.<3
                         There is
nothing like saying youre the first
to steal his heart.<3
And he's a cute one, that boy over there.  I kissed him once and i went nowhere.  I didn't realize how much he"d mean to me when he asked me out.  We didn't talk for quite a while and I finally saw him at a dance.  He walked by and looked different, and boy did he look good.(:  I stopped in place and stared, making my friend run into me.  I looked over and smiled, and it killed me a bit.  I talked to him that night.  I got nervous and butterflies. I started flinging my arms around and punched this kid in the face<3 I played with my pone so I didn't have to look at him. But those eyes he has, oh they're gorgeous.  Green like a meadow<3 Enough to make me melt.  All until he was with another girl for the night, and yes I cried. I cried myself to sleep because I didn't know what was going on. How did these feeling come so quickly? How could I have turned him down? Stupid girl. You blew it.  I saw him the next day at an amusement park.  Killing me he started talking to me.  I blushed and he asked if I would ride the skyride with him.  Unfortunately I didnt get to.  But its been days. Ive fallen so hard...and I dont think he likes me..it hurts a lot...and I cry.

Should I tell him how I feel and pray for a miracle???<3 HELP
So today, I was in the school bathroom applying my makeup, when a little girl I had never seen before walked in.  She looked at me for a while, and then said "You don't need makeup to be pretty, you're Beautiful without it." I looked at her and smiled, because all I could think is, "This is how everyone should see eachother, beautiful without the labor<3"