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Hey everyone. My names Haley Elizabeth( : I am15. My birthday is October 3rd. Im taken( :  I play volleyball.<3 My friends are my life. I have more guy friends than girls. And i have MAJOR trust issues and im really insecure about myself. Facebook and witty are my life. My phone in my obssesion. Music explains how i feel. I have been through alot in my life so unless you know me please dont judge me. Im a true country girl. You should get to know me. 

Quotes by haleyelizabeth

We finally started talking again, I started to trust you, we started talking about dating again. You got a girlfriend but still wanted to talk to me.So i let it happen. And then all of a sudden you quit talking to me. I lost you again... and i dont like it one bit.. 
Please dont make me fall if you dont intend on catching me... <3
You say i hate you. Well i dont. But I sure as HELL have nothing to say to you. We were together for 9 months. and after we break up you admit to cheating on me for the last 4-5 months of our relationship. YOU LIED TO ME. I will never  forgive you or trust you again.
I have finally moved on and am happy with my life. And two days before christmas you decide to tell me you cheated on me!?!?!?! Why tell me? Why couldnt you just let me be happy?
What do you do when your boyfriend of 7 months never wants to talk to you on the phone. I mean like whenever you call him he is always to busy to talk and then when hes finally not busy he wants to get off the phone but he calls other girls and talks to them for hours...? I dont know what to do..
Going to the beach till tuesdayyy!!! Oh YES<3
Sometimes I wonder where you are and how you have been. But then I remember that you want nothing to do with me.. But its fine because i learned how to stay strong. And im   stong enough now. I dont need you anymore.<3
And when i said i was going to walk out the door and never look back, i didnt expect you to say "fine nobodys stopping you"</3
So i need help. From guys and girls. My boyfriend and my bestfriend HATE each other. I have a feeling that my bestfriend will make me choose between them. But i dont want to do that. I love my boyfriend with everything i have. And my bestfriend has been my bestfriend since 6th grade and has been with me through everything. They always put me in the middle of it. And idk what to do. Advice anyone? I could use help right now.
I havent posted quotes on here in forever.... I have had so much going on with school and stuff that i pretty much just get on here to read the  storys everyone is writing,(: I want each and every one of yall to know that yalls stories ARE AMAZING.(: