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Quotes by haleylikestocos

he kissed me,
b e s t n i g h t e v e r


 ♀♀ ♀♂ ♂♂

 not mine.

sup haters,

                (_.·´¯`·×» my name must taste some good, because its always in your mouth.

not my format.




  two weeks..
two weeks thats all it took.

two weeks
for me to fall inlove
with you.


 im a good enough person to forgive you.
 but not stupid enough to trust you.
                ~ wizkhalifa

         lol jkhe never said that








 old peopleholding hands give me hope ♥ 


do you ever get up in the morning
thinking, here we go again,
maybe today
will he will smil at me.


im in jr. high

and there was always this boy
that ran home after the bus droped him off, we always laughted at him.

we didnt know he ran to see if his sister killed herself while he was at school. 

one day he missed the bus..
 a week after, he was back. 

he stoped running.. </3

not mine, { just liked}.



                       WHY DO YOU LIKE
                       HIM SO MUCH?

but before i could reply, my best friend
put her hand over my mouth and said,

             DON'T EVEN GET

                          HER STARTED.

credit to whoever

 because my friends live in it