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I'm slightly obsessed with Connor Franta at the moment. Omg. He's like perf. ♥
when you cant cuse around adults...

you've liked someone for a really, really long time.
they knew, but had no interest.
you try your best to make yourself look nice for him/her.
they still don't care.
you begin to feel down about yourself.
you put yourself down.
you point out your flaws. 
you wish you were someone else.
forget about him/her.
they are not worth your time.
you will find someone that likes you for who you are.
you will find someone who is worth your time.
you're beautiful.
don't change yourself for someone
who doesn't care.
don't forget that. 

I like living in Hawaii because
you might meet someone
with the last name
"Honda" and "Toyota"
I cant drown my demons, they know how to swim.
trying to forget someone you loved......is like trying to remeber someone you never met.

Hello, my name is

What you'll be screaming in bed tonight.

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