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We found love in a hopeless place

Hey there gorgeous,
You, yes you... You're worth so much to everyone around you. Don't even think for a SECOND that nobody would miss you if you were gone, I would if nobody else... So put that razor down, that knife, whatever you use to hurt yourself, just put it down... You are worth SO much more than that! If you ever need anyone, I am here for you... I'm a little heartbroken right now but hey... I'm only human, and I have someone here to put the pieces back together for me ... But anyway, my name is Hannah Margeret, and if you need someone to be there for you, I will give you my number so you have someone there for you 24/7... But anyway, I love you... Talk to me... Love me... Whatever you want... I will be here :D
Remember, you have to live for that ONE MOMENT of happiness, no matter how hard the rest of life may be, you have to live for the one moment of pure joy, pure happiness. You have to keep going, you have to live for the ecstacy in life
Remember, I hurt too.
Bye now loves,

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please. someone. I need someone.

So you're hurting right now? 
So you have that blade out?
Well stop. Put that blade away.
listen to a sad song, cry
cry until you feel like you can't anymore, and then cry some more and then... 
put that blade down
and walk away

So you want to be suicidal?
So you want the pain to all go away? End the tears rolling down your face, cut everyone away from you, just to stop it all, make it all end. Yes, the pain will end for you, but what about your loved ones? What about the split second moment of when your parents or siblings walk into your room reminding you that dinner is ready, but instead they see their dead child infront of their eyes. The pain you had… Will now have moved onto your parents. Their world will become so dark, they will blame themselves every.single.day. ‘Was it something I did?’ ‘Was it something I did?’ They’ll try to think it was all just a nightmare and they are going to wake up from this dream and you will be alive. They won’t give up, they will try anything to not accept the truth. So after killing yourself, and after your parents discovering your body, what will they have to do next? Who’s going to ring the school saying a student has killed them self? Who’s going to tell your best friends that you have taken your own life? Who’s going to arrange the funeral? Who’s going to have to walk past your room everyday, and just getting that sudden chill? Just because the pain shall end for you, does not mean the pain will just automatically end for everyone. Everyone will remember you. People who didn’t even have a conversation with you, will remember you. ‘The kid that killed them self’. People on Facebook who have never even typed one word to you, will remember you. Everyone would feel guilty, an entire wave of shame will come upon them. People will cry, cry so, so hard. They will also start to question their existence, their life. Your family will break apart, loved ones can sometimes turn on each other. They have so much anger that they should have done something before you made up your mind, that they will start to throw that anger on the ones closest to them. Is the reason you want to kill yourself really worth it? Do you think that nobody will care, your death will just quietly slip the town news and everyone will easily ignore it? Do you think that you will be single forever and there’s no point for life anymore? Let me tell you, that there is at someone right now, who likes you a lot more then a friend. Someone who is willing to care for you, love you, make you smile. Someone is thinking about you right now. Killing yourself means that you would never know. You would never know that someone out there really did like you, and had a lot of feelings for you. Who’s going to pick out the song they play at your funeral? Your friends and family will hear that song, and from that very moment, whenever they hear that same tune, you will come to their mind. All your memories, your face, your eyes, your smile, everything. You’re young, you have so much ahead of you. Yes, at times life does get so hard you just want to crawl up into a ball and wish you could just fade away. But you can pull through that, you can pull through anything. We have all been there, sitting at the end of our bed, our eyes becoming so tired from the tears and just so many thoughts running through your mind. And the only solution to fix it all is suicide. But that isn’t the solution. Talk to a trusted adult, get counseling, get anything that doesn’t involve taking your own life. Because there are so many people that care for you, even though you cannot see it. There are so many people that love you, even though they may never say it. You’d want to be proud and look back at how difficult your life was and just think ‘wow, I really pulled through that one’. So please, do not pass your pain onto your loved ones. Suicide: a permeant solution to a temporary problem. Temporary, meaning you can stand over the problem. I know it’s not going to be all easy and ‘la la im happy now :)’, because we all know that is bullstuff. But please, just try to get through whatever is making you feel this way. Do not run away from it, do not let people achieve what they set out to do. If people have been bullying you, either cyber, verbal or physical, you know what? forget them. Because they are the ones who are going to end up with karma. Karma is so hard. If anyone has sent you hate on anonymous, they will always live with that guilt. I am proud to say I have never sent anonymous hate and I never, ever plan to. But to the people who have, whenever they read this or say it too. They’ll get this squirmy feeling, as though at least somebody knows they’re lying. People who have nothing better to do with their lives then attack innocent people, are going to end up nowhere. Because by the end of the day it all comes down to jealousy. So just smile, walk away and say forget you. You’re better then anybody who makes you come to this breaking point of wanting to take your own life. You don’t even know me, but I love you so much. Chin up, you’re beautiful

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This  is  long  but  so  wo r t h i t . . .

Before you self harm in any way, you should probably know what you’re getting into.
Before you make that cut, please keep in mind that you will find the pain release and blood strangely addictive.
You may think to yourself that you’ll be able to control it, that you won’t let it get out of hand.
You may think that you can just stick to a few small, shallow cuts here and there that won’t be deep and that will heal quickly and easily.
But you’re wrong.
You can’t control it, it’s impossible to control. It controls you. It’s an addiction.
The cuts will get deeper, they’ll scar. They’ll take weeks to months to heal and years for the scars to actually begin to fade.
You’ll find that soon, you depend on it. You can’t go more than a few days without cutting. You’ll go crazy as your skin itches and burns, your hands shake, your head pounds, your vision goes blurry as you try to keep your mind off of it, try to hold back from giving in. But you will.
If you think you can limit the cuts to just one area of your body, you better think again. It’ll spread slowly but steadily, like a deadly virus. It’ll spread as you run out of skin, from your wrists to arms, past your elbows, up your shoulders down to your stomach, across your hips and waist and soon will cover your every inch of your legs right down to your ankles.
I hope you’re prepared to withdraw from others and live in a constant state of shame and guilt. Even if you have been the most honest person to ever live, you will lie to your friends, family members, everyone around you who you care about.
You’ll find yourself jerking back from the touch of someone, as if their fingers and hands have been bathed in a toxic, burning poison. You’ll be terrified that they will feel a scar or cut from beneath the fabric of your shirt or because it just plain hurts so much to simply be touched.
Be prepared to become your own worst enemy. You’ll fear yourself, your head, the urges that taunt you every minute of every day. You’ll come to fear the next time you cut because you don’t know how bad it’ll be.
Wait for the 10 cuts to turn into 20 then 50 then 100. You’ll be covered in scars and cuts.
Your entire life will begin to revolve around your addiction. You’ll constantly be thinking about cutting, covering up your cuts, how you’ll hide your blades, scissors, bobby pins and the other objects you use to destroy your body.
And then..the first time that you cut “too deep.” The bleeding won’t stop and you’re gasping, shaking, panicking, fear takes over you. You pray and hope that the bleeding will stop. Your purpose wasn’t to die, you won’t ever go that deep again. Right? Wrong. You’ll go there again, and deeper.
But don’t worry. You’ll learn how to take care of your cuts so you don’t have to take a trip to the hospital every night. The better you get at treating your wounds, the worse they become.
You’ll lie to yourself and try to justify it when you go to the pharmacy and drug store, finding yourself spending 20, 30, 40 dollars on dressings, gauze, alcohol wipes and sterile strips.
You’ll tap your foot impatiently, hoping that no one stares and asks you why you’re buying all of these things. But at the same time… you hope someone asks, so you know they care.
Be prepared to spend even more money on an entire new wardrobe. Long sleeved shirts, hoodies, long pants, boots, bracelets, wristbands. The list goes on forever.
You’ll keep scanning other people’s bodies for signs of self-harm, hoping that there is someone else out there who feels the same way you do. Hoping, praying that they will be like you. But that’ll never happen. You’ll see clean, uncut, unmarred arms and feel even more alone and ashamed than before.
You’ll do a lot of things alone, be prepared to kiss your social life goodbye. You’ll always be doing your laundry, always in private so no one sees the blood stained towels and clothes. You’ll be spending hours scrubbing blood from the bathroom floor, and wiping dried blood off of your keyboard.
You won’t be able to make it a day without cutting. You’ll carry an emergency kit in your wallet or purse. A key, safety pin, a needle, a paperclip, even a pencil. Everything around you will become a weapon. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it gives you that feeling that sends you reeling.
Next thing you know, you’re in the bathroom stall at your school or work, picking open the scab of an old cut with a needle.
Say goodbye to all of the things you took for granted. Shorts, sandals, tank tops, swimming in the summer, going to the beach. All of these things will be a far off memory.
I hope you like itching and scratching nonstop. You will itch and itch and itch. It’ll be so much that it’ll look like you have some sort of flesh eating disease.
You will become an expert on your body as you carefully destroy it, taking it apart piece by piece.
You will dream of cutting, dreaming of getting caught. It will haunt you day and night, in your dreams and when you are awake. Cutting will take over your life. It now has it’s hold over you, it controls you.
You’ll hate yourself, hate yourself for making that first cut that threw you into this vicious, never-ending cycle.
You’ll wish you never made that first cut.
You’ll wish you had read something like this, or that someone had told you what would happen.
But as much as you hate your addiction and self-harm, you love it and can’t live without it. You’d rather die than go just a few weeks without cutting.
Now, I’ll tell you what the title pertains to.
How to self-harm.
Here is where I tell you how to successfully hurt yourself.
Put down the blade.
Put down the pair of scissors.
Put down the knife.
Put down the needle, safety pin or paper clip.
Put down ANYTHING sharp.
Because you are so much better than this.
And believe me, you don’t want to get involved with the monster of SH.

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the girl with the biggest smile on her face everyday
cried herself to sleep [e.v.e.r.y] night
because she knewshe wasnt good enough

&&Congrats Kid, you finally got to her.
Are you happy now? You finallybroke her.
Her eyesdon’t sparkleanymore.
Her smile, that seemed plastered to her pretty face, disappeared.
Her wordsdon’t flow anymore.
Her hopesand dreamsare now crushed.
BUT of course this doesn’t affect you, right?
  All you did was break her heart, right?