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We found love in a hopeless place

Hey there gorgeous,
You, yes you... You're worth so much to everyone around you. Don't even think for a SECOND that nobody would miss you if you were gone, I would if nobody else... So put that razor down, that knife, whatever you use to hurt yourself, just put it down... You are worth SO much more than that! If you ever need anyone, I am here for you... I'm a little heartbroken right now but hey... I'm only human, and I have someone here to put the pieces back together for me ... But anyway, my name is Hannah Margeret, and if you need someone to be there for you, I will give you my number so you have someone there for you 24/7... But anyway, I love you... Talk to me... Love me... Whatever you want... I will be here :D
Remember, you have to live for that ONE MOMENT of happiness, no matter how hard the rest of life may be, you have to live for the one moment of pure joy, pure happiness. You have to keep going, you have to live for the ecstacy in life
Remember, I hurt too.
Bye now loves,

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Can someone tell me...
 how to get the little square song player
on your profile?

    so don't tell her
 she's hot, tell her she's beautiful. don't pay for a 
movie, pay for a rose. don't talk about how great
 she is, tell her how great she is. don't kiss her in
   front of your friends, kiss her alone. &+ most
     importantly, don't ever say "i lo v e y o u"  if 
        you don't mean it. 

that i don't wear a doublezero.  

b u t  i n  t h e  m e a n t i m e ;;
|[ have fun with | the wrong ones ]|

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i really meant forever even plus some
but things changed you broke my heart
you moved on, and heres the thing-
i have tooand looking back, i wouldnt
trade what i have now for what i had then
[it breaks your heart]
     when people you know;become people you knew;
     when you can walke rite past someone as if they 
     were never a H U G E part of your life; you used
     to be able to talk for hours on the phone &+ now 
     you can't even look eachother in the damn eye; it
     completely breaks your [(heart)] to know good things
            c h a n g e;
  and theres nothing you can do about it.

Open your eyes girls, we're young. 
we dont need a boy to love, hold, and kiss. we won't always be able to relax and be kids,
but we'll always 
be able to love. so i'm gonna get out there and liven up this world, leave
my mark, and make a difference
.  Because in five years we will want to rewind, but we 
can't. so stop worrying about that boy, now is the time of our lives. lets make mistakes &+
not care and make momories that will never fade. live it up, and live it crazy. we are only 
young once
, so lets screw this up right. drop the drama, screw the calories, and never 
             question your actions.  see ya later boy, i have history to make <3

       was meant to be the                love of your life the
    one you can tell your dre         ams to and he'll smile at
   you when you tell him, but h   e'll never laugh he'll brush
   the hair out of your face,  and  he'll stare at you during a
   movie even though he paid $11 to see it.  he'll call you to
      tell you how he couldn't stop thinking about you. and
          most importantly, he'll look right in your eyes and
               tell you that you are the most beautiful girl
                     he's ever seen and for the first time
                           in your life.. you'll believe it
                                 and that  is what they
                                        mean by true

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[Are for the kids who cant afford heroin]

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