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We found love in a hopeless place

Hey there gorgeous,
You, yes you... You're worth so much to everyone around you. Don't even think for a SECOND that nobody would miss you if you were gone, I would if nobody else... So put that razor down, that knife, whatever you use to hurt yourself, just put it down... You are worth SO much more than that! If you ever need anyone, I am here for you... I'm a little heartbroken right now but hey... I'm only human, and I have someone here to put the pieces back together for me ... But anyway, my name is Hannah Margeret, and if you need someone to be there for you, I will give you my number so you have someone there for you 24/7... But anyway, I love you... Talk to me... Love me... Whatever you want... I will be here :D
Remember, you have to live for that ONE MOMENT of happiness, no matter how hard the rest of life may be, you have to live for the one moment of pure joy, pure happiness. You have to keep going, you have to live for the ecstacy in life
Remember, I hurt too.
Bye now loves,

hamana's Favorite Quotes

Today he said..

that he wouldn't ever pick up anyone that isn't his girlfriend, or it'd be weird.

I love him(:

If I ever died, I wonder how my friends would find out.  

That Amazing

Moment When

 He texts you FIRST
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so basically,

No Cares Were Given.


I wish;
I saved all the tears I cried for you,
So I could drown you in them.



You can pay
for school,
but you can't
buy class. 
format © mortem

I wish:
I saved all the tears I cried for you,
So I could drown you in them.



Brotip #1274
 chicks dig scary movies;

it gives them an excuse to get closer to you ♥

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                   explained.  it's one of those [you have to feel it to know it things. it's when you feel 
                   like you've been brutally kicked in the chest, the head, the stomach & the heart all at
                   the same exact m e. it's (crying) so much that you've run out of tears so you're
                   reduced to a silent, curled up ball of heaving, dry sobs. it's a period of time when
                   all you say is "I'm fine, just fine," and you have a huge, fake smile on c o n s t a n t l y,
                   when really, just dropping your pen makes you want to cry. it's when you listen to
                   sad songs on repeat, knowing they won't make you feel (better.) heartbreak is when
                  it hurts to do something as simple as breathing.

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