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This is mylife.!

Alrighty, if you didn't already know
Daniiee Tyler.<5

talk; dont stalk.
ask for the digits/aim/myspace

About Me.

hey there(: im danielle.
i roll with the flow; i laugh more then i breath.
i write on myself alot and sing out loud.
i wish i was somwhere else.
i am currently living in this horrible town that no one has ever heard of called HP, New York.
i curse wayy to much and love to have fun.
i took my first breath on december 9th, 1996.
yes yes that does mean im 13 years of age
and in 7th grade, but who gives a shit.
i have an ahhmazzingg boyfran whos name is josh(:
soo yeah get too know mee.(:



Quotes by hamstergal645

everyone has that boy;;
that youd do anything to s t a n d next to him;

everyone has that boy;;
that youd talk about anything
just to h e a r his voice;

everyone has that boy;;
you try to look your b e s t for;

everyone has that boy;;
whos s m i l e s make your days worth living;

yupp everyone has that boy;;
As I Sit Here All Alone In The Dark
  Listening Too The Rain Hit The Window
I Get Flash Backs

As A Tear Rolls Down My Cheek So I Close My Eyes
As Memories Come Rushing Back.

my home
made poem.(:
if hes not...
Worth My Tears;
Then Why Am I Still Crying.?

if he meant...
We'd Be Together Forever;
Wouldn't He Be Here.?

f he really...
Loved Me;
Why Would He Be With Her.

She takes the pills to numb the pain;
1... 2... 3...4... 5... 6... 7...

Oops one too many;
she falls
to the floor
                           At least now she cant;
complain anymore.

a re-do of one of
my older quotes.

I Wish You Would Believe Me When I Say
 " i really just cant do this anymore "

Because Baby Its The Truth;
Your A Player, And I Know
I'm Not The Girl; That Will Make
You Quit Your Games.

a re-do of one of
my old quotes.

I am over 12 years old, I dislike fake people, I am not going to be alone on Valentine's Day, I do find it funny that Vday comes after Friday the 13th, I know [( every )] freecreditreport.com commercial, and I liked Paramore before Twilight.
But why do you even care?

credit for
the edit.

i noticed
how beautiful the sky
was the other day
& i relized its because
youre up there.

] Tune.Out.The.World

she just needs,
t o o k n o w s o m e o e c a r e s .