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This is mylife.!

Alrighty, if you didn't already know
Daniiee Tyler.<5

talk; dont stalk.
ask for the digits/aim/myspace

About Me.

hey there(: im danielle.
i roll with the flow; i laugh more then i breath.
i write on myself alot and sing out loud.
i wish i was somwhere else.
i am currently living in this horrible town that no one has ever heard of called HP, New York.
i curse wayy to much and love to have fun.
i took my first breath on december 9th, 1996.
yes yes that does mean im 13 years of age
and in 7th grade, but who gives a shit.
i have an ahhmazzingg boyfran whos name is josh(:
soo yeah get too know mee.(:



Quotes by hamstergal645

she just needs,
s o m e o n e  t o  t a k e  h e r  s e r i o u s l y .

&+ Why.Does.Everyone
Say Goodbye. Everytime I've
Heard Someone Say
Goodbye I Also
Heard A Heart

a re-do of
one of my
old quotes.

finding the right guy.  sometimes it
might seem completly
i m p o s s i b l e
for this too happen, and i
know every guy might seem
like a jerk, but trust me
once you find the right one
life will seem so much better.
so please dont give up on love
give every guy a chance,
you might just find your prince charming.

So I Was Thinking Of A Way To Tell You
how i think your laugh is cute.
and how your voice makes me smile.
how i love the (
r   f   r   s), and
how you always find a way to make me :)smile(:  
How you never fail to make me laugh, and
how i 
absolutellove the way your
hair falls on
your face.  I didn't know how to say it.

x.x         I    x.x    Love    x.x    You    x.x

alot of credit too
i just changed some words.(:
x______i wanna change.
                 but i need help. i dont wanna cry anymore.
i dont wanna feel like cutting is the only way out of my problems.
i wanna smile a real smile,
                                                     and i wanna be happy just this once.

i re-do of my quote.
idkk i like this version
better. i think it looks nicer.

getting ready
               then school.    be back in a bit
        text ittt.

and then it hit me...
no i dont wanna grow up.
i just wanna stay a kid.
i remember when i was like
" i cant wait til im 15 "
but now i know what its gunna be like
i truthfully id rather not be a teenager.
i just wanna be a
i just wann
a sleep all day,
and not have too worry about anything.
i just dont wanna go back too school anymore.<|3

i was just thinking
about when i was little
and how everythings changing
and then i relized i didnt wanna
go back too school x]

1 - 800 - 784 - 2433
(        t   h   e       s   u   i   c   i   d  e       h   o   t   -   l   i   n   e         )
You  Are  Not  Alone  In  This  Battle
believe     me,         you     are     not     alone
t h i s  i s  a  t o l l f r e e  n u m b e r
          open  24  hours  a  day,  7  days  a  week

people  are  willing  to  give  up their time and strength in order to help you:
A Complete Total Stranger
there is something in this  world worth living for

i just wanted too help spread awarness.

I Know Im Not Supposed Too Be Here.
I Know I Have Too Wait Too Get Out Of This Town,
But I Just Cant Wait Any Longer. The More Time I Spend
Here The More It Makes Me Wanna Go Insane.
I Just Wanna Spend Every Minute Of Everyday Wraped Tightly
In Your Arms. But Its Gunna be Awhile Til That Happens.
I Just Have Too Wait Too Make My Fresh Start.
Ill Just Have Too Wait.______________x
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