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This is mylife.!

Alrighty, if you didn't already know
Daniiee Tyler.<5

talk; dont stalk.
ask for the digits/aim/myspace

About Me.

hey there(: im danielle.
i roll with the flow; i laugh more then i breath.
i write on myself alot and sing out loud.
i wish i was somwhere else.
i am currently living in this horrible town that no one has ever heard of called HP, New York.
i curse wayy to much and love to have fun.
i took my first breath on december 9th, 1996.
yes yes that does mean im 13 years of age
and in 7th grade, but who gives a shit.
i have an ahhmazzingg boyfran whos name is josh(:
soo yeah get too know mee.(:



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Today I Saw HimWith Her
And a tear rolled down my eye, I had asked the tear, "Where
are you going?" and It said "I'm leaving because
obviously there is someone way more
important in your eyes than me"
definatly not mine
credit to the genius
who had this one :)
--Good-bye Summer 09 <3
I will never forget you.
Maybe it was the happiness of the first kiss from him.
Maybe it was the sadness of the last kiss from him.
Maybe it was the wonderful summer romance.
Maybe it was the horrible breakup.
Maybe it was the flipflops & short shorts.
Or  Maybe..
Maybe it was loving the way I looked in my bikini.
Maybe it was loving the way he loved the way I looked in my bikini.
Maybe it was the barbeques & the parties.
Maybe it was the sneaking out & the making out.
Maybe it was knowing this was the last summer where everything would stay the same.
--Because after you everything  changed </3
I guess you could say...
I'm sorta, kinda, maybe obsessed with you?
&+ The Truth Is;
me and my friends would
rather watch finding nemo
and eat tons of candy instead
of going to a cool party.
how many times do i need to tell you to get it through your thick head?
______________________________ i love you    ♥
  she  can't  stop  staring  out  that  window,
        .·´¯`·»      lost | in | the |memories | they | shared, | she | can't | help            
 but think  " what if...? "
welcome to good burger
home of the
good burger
may i take your order??

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