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im currently single

i dont think im good enough for anyone

i can never leave the house without trying to make my self look even a tiny bit better
i am really insecure a lot
of the time

or i could say all the time..

i constantly compare myself to other girls
and always seem to f/ck up
any relationship i have or am in at the time

but i manage to survive.

hello(: talk to me if you wish... c r e d i t

Quotes by brokendreams*

Politeness has become so rare,

That more and more
people are mistaking it for flirtation.


It's weird how once you think you're over something,

your mind jumps back to it and you start to cry all over again < /3

If you stare

at this and stroke your chin,
you may appear
intelligent and


The only form of exercise
that I actually enjoy is chewing.

nmf/my quote^x^
I dont like compliments.


Why not?:/

Because I feel like I'm being lied to.

Be happy.

you never know who is falling in love with
your smile♥
no headphones = talk to me!

one headphone in = if i really like you, you can talk to me.

both headphones in = STAY THE F.CK AWAY!
if another woman steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. real men cant be stolen.
nothing is really lost..
until your mom cant find it