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my name is hannah and witty is my escape.
this is where i go on the nights i cry, hurt and am just straight up mad. every quote i see helps me in some way. so thankyou, witty sisters.

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Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't been in love with him for over a year. Would I even know what love is? Would I be happy? The answer? Probably not. Because you see, people always say "You're 13. You don't know what love is." But the truth is, I do know what love is. I have known for over a year now. Everyone has their own definition of love. And my definition, is him.
I just love him, 'nuff said.


"Too many witty people are doing witty things"

Well, there goes my night.

#Mind Blownn

I will not be insecure.
I will not be insecure.
I will not be insecure.

But what if he thinks that girl is better?

<<< Never >>> 

let something you want, make you forget what you have

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All my quotes,
Are 100 percent me 


I tell myself not to cry,

but what's the point? the tears have already come.


in the type of girl

you wanna chew up on my

bubble gum



i just don't have the strength to keep going


when i look at you,
i dont just see a boy. i see my today, my tomorrow, my forever