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hi im Hannah Colleen Mills i used to love witty but now its going to shit. people are telling other people to go kill themselves? like seriously? if anyone ever told you that then fuck em. Karmas a bitch and itll catch up to them.
Trust no player. Fear no b*tch.
Give no p*ussy. Suck no dick.
People play games and are full of sh*t. Play the role and be the baddest b*tch.

Quotes by hannahc2017

                      *Conversation with my best guy friend*
Me:what are you wearing for homecoming?
Me:i would hope so. im going naked..awkward:/
Him:haha i was thinkin about it. but then i was like nah im gonna wear clothes
Me:good choice i was thinkin the same thing but figured naked would be the best option
Him:ya good choice
Me:i knew it was
Him:maybe i will too(:
Me:good i was afraid ide be the only one, thad be embarassing

*this is why i love my bestfriend of 9 years*
Witty Used To Save Lives Now Its Ruining Them.
Everyone on here needs to get over themselves.
This used to be a place of escape. now its all gone to hell.
Im Done. 1 wittian gone.

I’ve never done this before
But I’m bored,
So fav & I’ll tell you a boy’s name that sounds FLIPPING awesome with yours :)
: *lms for tbh
3 people. like. comment.
shgdfdfdg: im finna do these tomorrow

saw this on fb lol^^^ like its SUCH  hastle to do 3 tbh's lol

Hi im Hannah
i need someone i can tell my secrtets too, and in return they trust me with theres too
not on here though, cause than everyone can see, like facebook.
or phone...
i really need someone
any takers? 

I was given you my all
& You was just complainin'
But If you wit somebody, you should trust em'
You'll never get the time to love somebody, If you judge em'
& I never wana' be that girl you blame, but I was her
... & Now you still my fam, but not close, we like cousins
   So now I listen closely when you mad
Cause' thats when the truth comes out 


sometimes when im depressed i sit in a dark corner and pretend im a potato 

cute things to make your boyfriend for christmas? ideaaas please(:<3
aaaaadd me on fb please aaaaaaaaaaa
my 11:11 am wish is gonna be for a boy
....but 11;11pm, the most iportant wish is for self esteem, i NEED it so dont call it stupid.