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"sorry for being sad"

hi im becc and i rarely ever use this anymore


Quotes by hannahlovesxox

there is
to love
about me


"i just want you to be happy"
but in my mind im thinking please
dont leave me, please.


"Im in love with you," he whispered,
searching my eyes. He looked very pale and
very scared, and a little..hopeful.


i find it really attractive when,

                someone has really good taste in music.

Sunday morning, rain is falling; 

Steal some covers, share some skin.

maroon 5 - sunday morning ā
They say that love is forever;
Your forever is all that I need, please stay as long as you need.

- Sleeping With Sirensā

The most painful goodbyes
are the ones never said, but the
heart already knows it's over. 


 Fear exist in the one place you can never escape,

                                                                                                              ..........your mind.

At any given moment you have the power
                 to say this is not how the story  is going to end.
               - tumblr.
ive been on witty for 3 years,

theres one particular thing that stood out to me. ive seen "boys" make wittys and then 3 days  later have 400 followers. and when you look at their quotes they say "i follow back" i know people that deserve the followers more. but the  thing is i see girls commenting their profiles saying "omgosh your so hot i love your quotes"  that right there proves you only care about their looks and not the quotes. They may be real boys or there could be a girl faking as a guy. all im saying is its not about the looks its about their quotes and personalitys.