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hello:) my name is hanni banani27. I am currently 14 almost 15 in April. I have a twin, her name is bresome. You should go follow her:) i LOVE music. i only sometimes like One Direction I have to be in the mood i guess. I also like Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Panic! at the Disco, Never Shout Never, Sleeping With Sirens, My Chemical Romance, aand many more.  My favorite color is green.my second favorite color is black: I guess you can call me a nerd but im fun to be around. I have a kinda weird sense of humor and it is hard to make me laugh. I am a cheerleader. It is a good thing i am active or else i would be really fat. i love food. Well, i guess that is all sooooo bye!

Quotes by hannibanani27

I was expelled from school on pajama day..it's not my fault i sleep naked.
Don't like me?
Take a seat next to all the other b.itches waiting for me to give a f.uck
Short Girl Problem:
When people hold things over your head so you cant reach them.
Don't let people tell you who you are.
YOU tell THEM.
Short girl problem:
Short jeans are still too short.
Every tall boy
Needs a short girl
Every tall boy
Needs a short girl
I'm an average teenage girl,
I overreact,
I underestimate,
I overestimate,
I over think everything,
I dream big,
And when I say I love you
...waiting or that one special person to text you back..
I cant taste my lips, Can you do it for me?