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My beauty,
is deep in my heart, not to much on the outside, clearly.

About this girl
tw, you can change the title of the box to Hey I’m Hannah Elizabeth :) I blow the candles out April 27th!! I’m also 14 years young ;) lolzz I’m super creative and hurt very easily... I am very insecure but I try my hardest to have faith in myselfJ

Anyyywayss, My life is most definately not the worst but at times it feels like it. I love to complain about it but then again who doesnt! XD
The worst thing in my life is family! But Imstill living:) So, even tho my father has no confidence in me or anything I do I still try, I want to sing. I love to sing I wanna be famous! Just dreaming hereXD Im a cheerleader for my school, I used to play soccer, and softball but I am kinda switching things up in my life!  I want to succeed! I make so many mistakes, and learn from them and now im taking control and doing something to make up for those stupid moments!! Well thats enough about me! I hope you read my quotes! And If you ever need anything I am alwayyyys here!!:)


Quotes by hapinky9978

I know we aren't really gunna die,

but do you ever think that people are trying

to believe the world is gunna end because

they are just
begging and begging for this

world to be over with? 
 One day,
  Ill be slitting my throat, not my wrist.
Suicide is a sin, self harming is a sin, but that doesn't mean you're going to hell, so I could easily commit suicide and still go to heaven rather than living in this hell everyday. 
Depression starts slow, and then consumes your mind, slowly taking you over. While you drown, with people sitting on the side of the dark waters. Watching you whisper the words “help”, some laughing, with the intent to tie a weight to your leg. You slowly start to lose the battle, but they continue to ignore you.
Person: Omg! What happened to your arm!!!
Me: Oh thats just my NON-existing cat being playful...
Im psychotic, Im crazy, Im wierd, Im messed up,Im imperfect, Im ugly, Im fat, Im stupid,

Wanna see my wrist?

I'm sure you'll think its a"beautiful"piece of art.

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I wonder what "he" would say, if "he" were to see my scars and fresh cuts...
Lately I've been slicing through my skin, like a baker slices bread...