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Quotes by happyfry66

And who else randomly sings
 part of a song, that fit into your convesations.


If you wanna see who
your true friends are, mess up and see who is still there.


The worst thing you could ever do to a girl is compare her with, 
another girl.


diyou knothat,
by the age of 16, 80% of people
have already met the person
they are going to marry.


That sad moment when you find a cute conversation
with someone you don't talk to anymore.

you caburthpictures,

& rip up the notes,
delete his number
& throw away his clothes,
but you'll never forget the memories.♥



I can love you the way you love me.

~Paige - The Vow


I hate when, 
you tell someone, something that you think that they wouldn't tell anybody else. 
and the next day someone asks you if you really said it. like really why do people 
always have to go and tell people other things that are personal to you.


Words may lie,

but actions will always

tell the truth.


Can you please

 just promise me just these things; please dont ever forget me,
please dont forget the memories we had together,
and please dont forget that we were once one.