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hey everyone. i hope you enjoy my quotes please read them and fave any you really like cuz that would make my day ;) xxx

Quotes by hariboteddy

love me, feed me just never leave me!
i don't think i will ever love another human being more than i love my cat.
the perfect man is like the perfect bra...
a good fit, supportive and always with you unless
it needs a wash!
do you know why smarties are called smarties.......   
no me neither.
"I for one, aspire to be myself"
- me
stress is caused by giving a fu*k!

i dont know karate
but i do know crazy
and im not afraid to use it!

with great power comes
a great electricty bill.
i dont call it cheating...... im just using the resources around me!
you can only be young once
but you can be immature forever.