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hey everyone. i hope you enjoy my quotes please read them and fave any you really like cuz that would make my day ;) xxx

Quotes by hariboteddy

i like the sound you make....
when you SHUT UP!!
Perks of dating me.
- i dont go anywhere so im always free to talk or hang with you.
- im too ugly to cheat on you.
- sometimes im funny.
your entitled to your wrong opionion... thats fine.
its called fu.k off
and its located right over there
nothing is perfect
think about it
even a rose has its thorns
i would love a type writer...

but theres no spell check.
i will do anything humanly possible....
to reach the remote without getting up!
sometimes i think im might be a bit strange....
but then i just realise i different cuz im more awesome than others!!
just leave me with my imagination and i will be fine.....
im just going to sit at home and eat.......cuz im good at it.
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