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hey everyone. i hope you enjoy my quotes please read them and fave any you really like cuz that would make my day ;) xxx

Quotes by hariboteddy

Bi/ch - your a fail.

Me - so was your dad's condom and mums abortion
if in saving private ryan the team was made up of all women, matt damon would have been found a lot quicker.
*drops food*

germs: we must wait 5 seconds before infecting it.... it is the rule.

life's too short..
so smile while you still have teeth
sometimes i pretend to be normal but it gets a bit boring.. so i go back to being me!
a jelous girl does better resurch than the FBI.
most people think im odd or strange
i just think that i have reached a new level of awesomeness
that the world hasent expirienced yet....
and thats why im so different                  


i miss you
           i still think about you
                                      you made me so happy
                                                                      those moments we shared were amazing
                                                                                                                            i cant beleve your gone.

its hard to let you go
my special very own
galaxy cookie crumble

best few seconds of my life was when the hot guy in my class smiled at me..... i smiled back and then...
i reilised he was smileing at the girl behind me
im sure some can relate.



stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions
 - will smith
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