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hey everyone. i hope you enjoy my quotes please read them and fave any you really like cuz that would make my day ;) xxx

Quotes by hariboteddy

just be yourself because you can never do that wrong.
dear math
please grow up and solve your own problems.
life is like a hourglass

eventually everything hits the bottom but you just have to wait it out untill some one turns it around.

im not single, im just in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend is in the future....
im not lazy im just
                              conserving energy.
hardy fuc.kin har
do you need some aloe vera cuz you just got burned.
on csi why do they look at everything with a torch? im sure the lighting it fine in there labs.
:P :D :) ;) ;( ............... why can't there be one of these that looks like my middle finger??

friend: should i brake up with my boyfriend?

me: if your going to, brake up before his birthday so you dont have to get him a present.

other friend: thats horrible

me: thats life!

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