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Quotes by Christina*

It has been five years since I made this account, 
This place was once blooming and now it seems like a ghost town
This place helped me get through depression and anxiety
It led me to find a few of my close friends, whom I would not have otherwise found

I fell for you, but, he was the one who caught me
Silly me, I only saw his worth when he was no longer there to catch me


You can stop reminding me that I've failed...believe it or not, I KNOW
and its hard for me to forget as it is.


Curse of Adversity
I have a lot to say
but no one to hear me
even if they did I doubt they'd understand me
truly, my minds been roaming
and I've been thinking lately
how is that the bigger I think
the smaller I feel
the more knowledge I aquire
the more I dream of times prior
prior, to my creation
prior to when I started
prior to the moment when everything changed
but maybe that's whats wrong
because our life is measured in moments
and the moments that should be measured aren't remembered
my brain is being dismembered
society is trying to teach me how to live without it
my heart? they can take it
but my brain I won't submit
I admit
its easier to live without a brain than it is to live without a heart
but what if I don't have the heart to live without a brain
with every breath I take, I'm straining 
but they don't see the pain i'm in they think its entertaining
they don't see the height that I'm aiming for
without hearing me out, they shut the door 
I hit rock bottom, they watch me lay on the floor

Its autumn in my life
though I'm not old
I'm dying
soon I'll be cold with the winter
silent with its nights
naked with its trees

and lifeless with its streets
but in this winter when death rules
I will be reborn
my voice will ring like a lions roar
my wings will spread like an eagle's, I'll soar
in the middle of winter...when all is dead
I will be alive
I will have a lot to say,

but no one to hear me 


Not sure if I'm derpressed or afraid to be happy.

#these teenage years can end now though I've heard adult-hood isn't that great either




Do you guys ever see a post on facebook about someone back from highschool/middleschool getting pregnant and think to yourself, wow you're a pregnant teenager...who would have ever seen this one coming?? 


tropical islands 
mystic breeze
ocean water
soft sands
sea shells under my feet
dolphins in the distance
coconut drinks
dancing and singing
fire torches
mermaids at sea
I'm a resident at paradise
when you're talking to me


Missed out 
i'm not missed though
kissed goodbye
never been kissed though
pushed away
not held
if my regrets will hold me
I will make sure yours choke
inside that tree 
my roots will spread
your branches will dry out
you'll be stripped from your leaves 
i'm breathing in the ground
without you, I'm invisible
without me, you will die.

"Any day above the ground is a good day." -Pitbull