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You is Kind 
You is Smart 
You is Imporant 

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Quotes by hattier

I guess we're done being best friends. 
I respect your beliefs, as long as dont shove them down my throat.  
Why is it I never want to see you again but I miss you so much.
Well avoiding you turned in to a complete disaster...
Why aren't I one of there interesting people,

Who's always got something to say.

To not be contrived and to feel so alive,

And to never have wasted a day.

-Lily Allen "Why"
Why am I so angry?
Oh thats right people are inconsiderate jerks.
Saying Yolo when You danced with me made me feel great. Thanks.
I am a want to be doll
But aren't we all 
All we see is imperfections
The thing is were infected
It drives us mad 
And makes us so sad
So we cover it up 
But all they do is gossip
So we hide what we do 
They say be true 
But they attack you
With anything but the truth 

"The Darkness" 

It thrives

On the lives 

It demised 

All the sunken eyes

And whispered lies 

The way it hids 

In souls that have died 

But please remember why

It's just waiting for you 

To say good-bye. 

It's alright I understand 
Is what I always say 
But I feel like when I do it makes me fade away 
I see all the deamons I'm just tryng to keep them at bay 
I know you say your joking but that doesnt make it okay 
I know your fighting your own struggles so please don't add to mine 
Because no matter what I'll hid my saddnes with smile 
And say I am fine.

Help me I need to fix this It just doesnt sound right.