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You is Kind 
You is Smart 
You is Imporant 

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Quotes by hattier

All of the Moments I Forgot to Breath like When you were Sitting There Next to Me just some lyrics I was working on what do you think?

Gotta Live Like Were Dying 

Do you find it strange that I dance to the music in my head?

I just don't think she knows that her jokes aren't funny to me, 

There are two Indents in my bed where I sleep and where my laptop sleeps
Forever Alone 

Witty was the only place I knew without bullies,

Now that they found us I just don't know where to go...


 What happened here? 

Every thing in my life is different.

I liked the way it was.

Now even witty's changed.

Cant we just go back to the way it was.

I've forgiven those who shouldn't be 

I've trusted those who shouldn't have been 

Forgotten the lessons I shouldn't  


Believed in things I shouldn't have 

Let people in that I Shouldn't have given a second 


But all of this has just left me 


Don't try to change me I know I'm beautiful

 So u can either take me as I am or

 Leave me because of what I'm not.

I Try To Find Humor In Your Disgusted Tones When I Talk To You,
its the only thing I can do so I don't hit you...

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