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hey there
im hailey the lonely bitch

Quotes by Hailey Stadalsky*

like if your friends leave you out on almost everything

i don't know its hard to explain its like i feel i have known you for forever and i talk to you everyday and i hear your voice
but yet
we still havent met?

it took me way too long to realize
that you shouldn't be friends with people
who never ask how you're doing
I watched you changed
the only boy that could ever reach me. 
was a son of a preacher man.
i hate love it falls apart right when u get it
nobody wants to see us together
but it dont matter
cause i got u babe
i like braids
i like food
i like iphones
i like music
i like miley cyrus
i like nail polish
i like summer
i like lemonade
i like gum
i like friends
i like tv

i hate you
one day i will find you.