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Quotes by hayleyloves1D

Writing keeps me sane. Taking my crazy thoughts and putting them onto paper, it keeps my head clear.
Screw me I'll screw you back, I'm a lady like that (:
I know it's hard, I really do but it's possible and that's all that matters

It's not okay for them to drag you down because of what they've got going on or because of how they're feeling.
IT'S NOT OKAY. It never is.

Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.
Pay attention to your own relationship and stay out of mine.
Sometimes, when I'm alone, I miss you.
I miss the little things you did or said, and I'll regret letting you go. I'll wish you were still a part of my life.
I'll wonder how you're going, and if you still think of me.
I feel guilty for thinking this.

But then I remember, I'm happy now.
I'm happy with him.
I'm happier with him than I was with you.
And when I remember that, I don't feel guilty anymore.
Sometimes I wish there was a 'clear history' button for friends

It's okay for people to have bad days. It's okay for them to have a lot of those days.
What's not okay is for them to push their bad mood onto everyone else around them by being rude and snapping etc.
But that's exactly what you do. Even though I love you a lot, you're hurting me so much and I don't think I can do it anymore.

"you're so selfish!"
No, I just got some respect for myself after letting people walk all over me for to long.
I stopped putting myself and my happiness last.
I became stronger.
I became healthier.
n't put me down because I didn't do something that would benefit you, but do the opposite for me.
There's a difference between being selfish, and having self respect.