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i hate it when you have pepl bring up the past and then in the end all u do is cut urself and regret things....
You go to skewl get picked on and bullied and you cant to anyhting about it. so then you go home and then get beat up by ur sibling and cant take anymore so then u go home and cry and do things you regret. this is me i have a half way decent life i have three best friends and i try to be there for them but i have a hard time doing so cause they dont know my full life and i wanna b ther eto help and then i get bullied by my little sister and my parents dont do anything to help what do i do?
i luv of how pepl always think tht blondes r stupid and yet they dont relize tht they may be talkin bout themselves because they r the stupid ones :)
Y do so many guys seem lik they r jerks but deep down inside they r lik a sweet strawberry??

i have been told im beautiful yet when i wake up in the mornin i look lik i just died so wht do i belive?? 

i sometimes wonder if a guy u lik and he likes u does he really care for u or is he just using u to show off?? i hav been used and i am about ready to just leave evry body and evrythin so pepl will leav me alone. some things u just hav to think bout very hard.
ME: hey i wanna c this guy tht u know!
friend: no
ME : y?
friend : just because
ME: y? r u afriad i will take him from u??
friend : yes
Me: (thinking my head, if hes hot i might, if hes stupid u can hav him!)

when life gives u lemons make lemonade!!! :)