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that's how many days since i have hugged my best friend. because four hundred and fourteen days ago she went home. you might be confused right now, cause if she went home couldn't i still see her? not exactly. her home is in Greece. that's where she came to America from almost six years ago, and now she's back there again. it came unexpectedly, we only knew about 2 weeks in advance. we used to think she was coming back but we both gave up on that now. i try to save every cent for a plane ticket to see her but its pretty expensive and my family doesn't have that kind of money anymore.
her whole plane ride to Greece i was in panic because i couldn't talk to her and i prayed she made it there okay, which she did. a month after she was there her computer was taken away and i couldn't talk to her and i cried for weeks thinking something happened to her, but a few days later she called me saying she was fine. we try to still be close but its so hard when you are four thousand eight hundred miles apart with a seven hours difference, but we try to make it work. 

I'm telling you all this because it's changed my life. i don't get in fights with my other good friends anymore because we've realized that time is too precious to be mad at each other for stupid reasons. don't take any time you have with your friends for granted because one day they could have to leave and you might never see them again. today, is the four hundred fourteenth day i haven't seen my best friend, the closest thing i have ever had to a sister. tomorrow it will be four hundred fifteen days and then four hundred sixteen. i won't be seeing her soon. so be thankful for everyone moment you have before its too late.

please read this is you love your friends as much as i do


our song is the -                                          
slammin' screen door
                    ------>>sneaking out late
tappin' on his window       
when       we're      on       the      phone
                       and he talks reeeeaaaal slow
'cause its late & his momma don't know ♥



do you remember we were sittin' there by the water?
>>>you put your arm around me; for the first time<<<
you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter 
>>>you are the best thing that's ever been mine <<<

-"mine" taylor swift  


            boy: you remind me of this girl i know
            girl: really? what's she like?                   
            boy: she's beautiful and perfect         

boy: come to the gym with me? please it will be fun.
girl: that's kinda embarrassing. i would fall off the treadmill and like kill myself and you'd laugh, not my form of fun. oh and you probably just want to see me in my little shorts don't you? yeah real fun... for you.
boy: as funny as that would be i know it wouldn't happen and as much as i love your little shorts you can wear sweatpants for all i care. i just want to see you, we never see each other during the week since we go to different schools. I'm tried of saying "see you next weekend." and both of our parents would never let us have the other over unless they were home and you know that.
girl: i guess you're right and yeah it would be kinda funny. maybe i'll come to the gym with you, we'll see
boy: alright fine i can live with that
girl: yeah well you're pretty lucky i hope you know 
boy: oh i know, i am reminded every time i see you :)


she said she'd kill herself
he said it wasn't healthy to say that
she said she wasn't healthy.
quote's all mine

 we used to eat those brownies every day of sixth grade
her sister used to make them & her mom put them in her
lunch every single day. & i used to eat my pudding and
she'd say it looked like baby poop and close her eyes. 
and now were in ninth grade. we're not as close as we 
used to be. we don't eve have the same lunch wave. her
sister doesn't make those brownies, she went to college. 
but when she came back for winter break, i joked, telling 
her to have her sister make brownies. 
[ [ [ [        t   h   e        n   e   x   t       w   e   e   k         ] ] ] ]
"MERRY CHRISTMAS" she's screaming 
skipping down the hallway as i walked out of biology.
a glad plastic box full of brownies in her hands 
with a little ribbon tied around it and a bow on top
and about ten people behind her begging for a brownie.
but they were all for me. i smiled so big- i almost cried
&_+   f r o m   t h e n   o n   i   k n e w
even if we have classes or lunch together or hang out or talk very much anymore we'd still be best friends(:

yesterday, she broke up with him
today, i got my bestfriend back :)

[[long before you knew]]

&i don't even know anymore

 C  A  U  S  E 


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