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About Me(:
Hey the name's Malia. I'm in 7th grade and most of the girls at my school I cant stand... Dont be one of those girls. I'm a cheerleader and I also play softball with my bestfriends(: Some guys just need to learn how to treat a girl.Well, I hope you enjoy my page and my quotes. Follow me. Kbyee (:
Heey. You're sitting right next to me. Your profile song really gets on my nerves. Haha and you just said that about the sign thingys. Lololol.  Okay love you bye.
~Makayla (;
Hey, you... You're attractive (;

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Quotes by heartbroken2011

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& Today he told me he was waiting to ask me out on Christmas ♥ 


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Red Robin!

fave if you just said yummm! (:

I got prank called and they said

"Hello, This is the Iraq Bank Of America"

-.- stupid people.

Is everyone on witty at school ? (:

Me : You're retarded!

My little sister : I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you .

Me : ... Dang....



I hate when I'm texting someone

and I ask them What's up? ,

 And they don't ask me 'What about you?'

Two truths and one lie

Who else's teachers are obsessed with this game? 


Insult #9


"You must have been born on a highway that's were most accidents happen"





Insult #1


"Poof be gone, you're breath is too strong. I don't wanna be mean but you need Listerine, not a sip, not a swallow, But the whole frickin bottle"




Highlight if you think you're not good enough

I think your beautiful,  he is the one who is not good enough