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Hey Wittians, I'm Isabella, here's a little about me. I blow my candles out on July 20th, I'll be 15 this year. I have great friends especially Sophia<3 I'm really trustworthy and I am great at giving advice. So if you need help comment on my profile. I love soccer!!! I also dance, because my mom makes me :/
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Why I Hate School:
School: please get a full night of sleep
School: but don't forget to do 876543 hours of homework
School: and study for tests
School: be a well rounded student by joining clubs
School: and participating in sports so you don't come home until 6pm
School: don't be late for school
School: but make sure you eat a full meal in the morning
School: kids need a balanced diet
School: here eat cardboard with red paint it's called “pizza”

Teens - wut es up! wut r u doing 2day? want 2 go & do sum stuff
Adults - What are you doing today? Want to hang out?

Teens - Hey! What you doing today? Want to hang out?
Adults - wut es up! wut r u doing 2day? want 2 go & do sum stuff
Today in class, my male math teacher said "It seems like nowadays most teenage girls really hate themselves. It's really pathetic, actually." Out of the 27 kids in that class, 16 are girls, and no one said anything. We all just kind of sat there. And then some guy said "Well it's really not our position to judge, we never have been nor will we ever be teenage girls."

Once in high school my friend kicked her leg up and her shoe flew off and smashed into the ceiling with this huge BANG and the teacher whirled around and yelled WHO DID THAT?” and my friend just stared at her as the ceiling tile fell and shattered on the floor between them and the shoe thumped down on top of it and my friend just went that’s not my shoe” while standing there with one shoe on

What's the cheapest kind of meat?

Deer balls.  They're under a buck.

Uh oh, there was an error when we tried to add a boyfriend to your life. Please try again.

if i ever get married i am gonna be too embarrassed to kiss my husband in front of everyone, especially my parents, so we will probably just high five or something

          Me: *opens witty*
          Witty: Please sign in.
          Me: *signs in*
          Witty: You're already signed in, silly!
          Me: Then why
          Me: the fück
          Me: did you tell me
          Me: to sign
          Me: in.

Here government have a snickers you tend to shut down when you’re hungry