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Hey Wittians, I'm Isabella, here's a little about me. I blow my candles out on July 20th, I'll be 15 this year. I have great friends especially Sophia<3 I'm really trustworthy and I am great at giving advice. So if you need help comment on my profile. I love soccer!!! I also dance, because my mom makes me :/
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. 
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Tuggles2 1 decade ago on quote #5402868
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Lol that is funny stuff
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heartbroken_life 1 decade ago on quote #5315877
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@GeorgiaMarie07 so do I!
@InsaneAndBroken i bet your beautiful!
@bbcheer28 ok i understand, not trying to be annoying but just to clarify the "no soul" part is more offensive? what about ginger?
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bbcheer28 1 decade ago on quote #5315877
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yeah its really bad being called a ginger. everyone thinks that we have no souls and we are horrible people. i dont know why everyone says it though. but its hurtful. i get picked on every single day because i'm a redhead and this one kid always says stuff like "oh i cant talk to the ginger i might lose my soul" and it really really hurts but everyone is just like "stop being a baby its a joke" when in reality i take way more than a joke
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InsaneAndBroken 1 decade ago on quote #5315877
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I'm a redhead:)
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