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Im Lena! Im obsessed with Dancing, Gymnastics, and Cheer<3 I model, dance and Act. 
Im 13 years Young and if you want to learn more about me comment and we should talk! (: 

 A DANCER IF... You know the butterfly not as an insect, but as a stretch. Dance is life and the rest is just spare time. Getting a new pair of dance shoes is more exciting than your birthday. You hear your dance song at the mall, and you start dancing You do your dance routines in the parking lot and down the hallway. You are well coordinated in dance class but trip over your own feet just walking. A new dance makes your whole day. Going from a leap into a pretzel fall on the floor doesn't sound that painful. You dream of wearing those heavy, expensive, netting-ridden tutus. You are stretching for gym and everyone goes "WHOA!!" Your toes are pointed whenever they leave the floor. All of your friends are eating dinner while you are at dance class. You never have to buy new Halloween costumes. You just use old recital costumes. You have an entire drawer devoted to your dance stuff. Everything you do has to do with dance. You suddenly can't count past 8. You can learn the dances to music videos. When you stand, your feet are normally in a position (first or fifth mainly). When you go to get your hair cut, you tell them to cut it long enough to be able to at least put it in a ponytail when you dance. You refer to the half time of a football game as "intermission." You know at least one combination to every song that comes on the radio. You notice every mistake made on any dance movie or TV show. You have ever fallen asleep in a split or straddle. You just cant get enough of dance

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You know you listen to pandora A lot if you know 'Grow your army and strengthen your empire' (;

I'll spread my wings and ill learn how to fly though its not easy but I got to say goodbye, <3

You don't know me. Nobody really knows me. If you knew me, You'd know my smile is fake. If you followed me home at night, You'd see me run to the bathroom, cry my eyes out at what i see in the mirror, and walk out like nothing happened, skip dinner, lock my door, crawl in my bed, and cry more. If you really knew me, You'd know how fake my smile is.
Nobody really knows me.

Am i the only one who thinks they shouldn't have a Witty app.. More people will find it and everyone at my school will find it and see how messed up i really am.. </3
I get a text from a fake number every night saying i should be anorexic.  
Little do they know I already am.


First Birthday on Witty! 
13th Birthday <3
Love you guys(:

I need a witty best friend <3
fun, crazy! (:
Someone i can text<3
Talk about anything, and everything <3 (:
If you want to know some stuff about me.. my birthday is april 28th(: Im a dancer, and im absolutely in love with it! And cheer, and gymnastics(: Im 12.. 13 in a couple Days! :D

Love you guys <3


Summer 2012 <3
No drama, Sneaking out, Late nights, Best friends, Hot tans, Going to the beach at night, Loads of Pictures and summer memories, Surfing, Beach waves, Beach hair, Sand between you feet, Sunshine, Short shorts,
Flip flops, Ice cream, Victoria Secret's swim suits, Cute boys, Palm trees, Fresh grass, Fruity drinks, Pool,
Beach balls, Volleyball on the beach, New summer shopping, Campfire on the beach, 

Summer 2012<3

12 Signs you're falling in Love....

1. You'll Read His/Her Texts;
Over and Over again.

2. You'll Walk Really Really Slow;
While you're with Him/Her.

3. You'll Pretend 2 be Shy;
Whenever you're with Him/Her.

4. While Thinking about Him/Her;
your Heart will Beat faster and faster.

5. By Listening to His/Her Voice;
you'll Smile for no Reason.

6. While Looking at Him/Her;
you cant see the Other People around you,
you can Only See that Person.

7. You'll Start Listening to SLOW Songs.

8. He/She becomes all you Think about.

9. You'll get High just by Their Smell.

10. You'll Realize that;
you're always Smiling to yourself;
When you Think about Them.

11. You'll Do anything for Him/Her.

12. While Reading this, 
There was One Person on your Mind the Whole Time.. Fave If you are in Love..

When i'm older i will have a little girl. i will name her Stacy. I will be Stacy's mom. I will have it goin on!